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Effective Drinking Water Solutions in Williams Lake

Concerned about the purity of the drinking water at home? Having a hard time washing clothes with hard water? Hillside Pumps & Water Treatment has just the right solution for you. We have been providing the residents of Williams Lake with drinking water solutions for better health and well-being. You can rely on us to provide you with water filters, softeners and conditioners to help improve the quality of water in your home. We also provide water filter installation services. Call us today to help you improve the quality of your drinking water.

Water Pump Services

High iron content, chemicals and other contaminants in drinking water can pose a risk to you and your family’s health. Hillside Pumps & Water Treatment’s water filters remove these impurities to give you cleaner and safer drinking water. We also install water filters for you.

You could be having a hard time washing dishes, clothes, or even bathing in hard water. In the long run, hard water can cause dry and dull skin, leave scale deposits in your pipes and waste a lot of soap. Rely on us to provide you with durable and efficient water softeners.

Our whole-home specialty water filter systems treat and condition the water running in every tap in your house. These filters help remove chlorine, bad tastes and odours from water so that you can have clean water for cooking, drinking, laundry, bathing, or even watering the garden.

Contact Hillside Pumps & Water Treatment today to set up an appointment and find out more about our products and services.

Water Softeners

Put an end to hard water spots on your glassware with our quality water softeners.

Range of Water Systems

Have a glimpse of the water filters and conditioners Hillside Pumps & Water Treatment offers.

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